"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and individual accounting creator Robert Kiyosaki says that the U.S. is confronting a fate of exceptional monetary torment.

During a new video communication, Kiyosaki says rising expansion, deficits in government managed retirement,

and medical care financing are the key elements impacting the economy. This will pound countless gen X-ers.

"The greatest washouts are individuals who have never lost. Those are individuals sitting on their 401ks at the present time.

My age. The previous age. They're in some hot water," says Kiyosaki.

"At the point when they came into the market during the '70s, the securities exchange was removing; the real estate market was taking off. 

Prior in May, that's what he cautioned assuming expansion goes up, it will clear out half of the U.S. populace.

As of late talking about the crypto market and, specifically, about Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC), he said he's detecting an open door following the drop.

He tweeted that he was trusting that BTC will separate to $20,000.

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