In addition to a long, waterlogged end of the week at Daytona, 26 races were required.

And a great many dollars in crashed vehicles to finalize NASCAR's 16-driver season finisher field.

It was a mess of near normal weather: only five of the 37 vehicles tried not to crash in Daytona's worst summer race ever.

Owner Justin Marks tweeted before the long postponement that the "total cost of the groups" before the damages from the crash was $4 million.

At the top of a race this year, Trux was predictable enough to drift close to the highest point of the standings for 26 races and that wasn't enough.

He is in the final year of his deal with Joe Gibbs Racing and as the season hits its final 10-race segment, a split appears inevitable.

Bush said Saturday as he entered Daytona's media community. "Okay, there's no announcement. Great? We're totally decent? We're clear? Continuing."

Blaney, who was so predictable this year that he focuses on practically the entire customary season inside the main three.

There are 10 competitions to take to finish this title and this season has demonstrated that nothing is too surprising.

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