The previous evening, at the finale of the Coperni show, Bella Hadid strolled to the center of the runway

Alexander McQueen's spring 1999 show, when Shalom Harlow's costume was portrayed by robots.

The story behind the shower on the dress began with a jar of ghoulish wire and a man named Dr. Manel Torres.

"I thought I could make a fog," he said in a 2013 TED talk. "That was aha second.

Credit: CNN Image

In 2003, Torres created Fabrican - a liquid fiber bonded with polymers, biopolymers and greener solvents

Which disappears when the shower surfaces, for that matter, Hadid's body.

As Torres indicated, the texture feels like calf and can be handled like any other.

La Hadid, or even for fixing old pieces of damaged clothing. They will likely take this innovation to the clinical business.