With the months leading up to the season four finale of Yellowstone, fans are starting to get restless about the impending season.

The Kevin Costner-driven series will return with a monstrous request for 14 episodes.

The series (which amassed an astonishing 15 million viewers for its latest finale) will follow John, Beth, Rip, Jamie and Kayce.

1883, the Yellowstone prequel garnered a strong measure of eyeballs during its solitary season and the creators have been running two separate shows.

The setting is similarly announced in late 1932, a spin-off of the 1883 prequel (actually, it's... confusing).

There's finally a legitimate secret to the Jan Five, which boils down to the hamburger going down. 

Praise John Dutton, the start of the season will also be an "extraordinary, two-hour opportunity." 

Paramount Network has officially relaunched the series for Season Five, essentially immediately.

The show is expanding its usual 10-episode request to 14, and is set to split those episodes into two segments.

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