What causes night sweats? 7 potential reasons 

1. Your Bed Your sleep setup could honestly be the problem. Your bed sheets, mattress pads, pillows and mattresses can cause night sweats.

 2. Hormonal Changes  When your hormone levels fluctuate wildly or are simply undergoing changes, you may experience night sweats.

 3. Medicines  Some prescription drugs can cause you to have night sweats. If you are on a prescription.

 4. Medical conditions Similarly, several medical conditions can cause night sweats. According to the Mayo Clinic, that can lead to hyperthyroidism, an anxiety disorder.

 5. Hyperhidrosis hyperhidrosis—excessive sweating—deserves a special call-out. If you sweat profusely during the day and at night

 6. Stress  High levels of stress may manifest in the form of physical symptoms, including night sweats.

7. Alcohol and Diet  Drinking alcohol before going to sleep can make you sweat at night.

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