Demise Taxi for Sweetie honored Mimi Parker, who kicked the bucket in November, with a front of Low's "The Arrangement."

 The track was recorded after fresh insight about Parker's passing and was joined by a proclamation from Death Taxi for Doll

 "'The Arrangement' is introduced here as a recognition for Mimi."

 Their 10th studio collection, Black-top Glades was delivered the previous fall through Atlantic Records; the new acoustic rendition is out Walk 10.

  Parker, whose vocals and moderate drumming characterized the "slowcore" band Low, passed on following a fight with ovarian disease. 

 Her better half, Low frontman Alan Sparhawk, affirmed the news via online entertainment,

 "Companions, it's difficult to place the universe into language and into a short message, yet… She spent away last evening, encompassed by family and love

 including yours. Keep her name close and holy. Share this second with somebody who needs you.